We all know how it goes on those days where it seems impossible to tame your hair. The days where you spend hours washing and styling your hair? Trust us, we know exactly how you feel! The team of hair care professionals at Summit Salon Academy in Gainesville have created a short and effective lifestyle quiz that will help you determine the best hair care routine and products for you. Good luck, and happy styling!

1. Which word best describes you?

  1. A) Ambitious
  2. B) Loyal
  3. C) Easy-going

2. Which can’t you live without?

  1. A) Hair ties
  2. B) Curling iron
  3. C) Blow dryer

3. How often do you work out?

  1. A) Daily
  2. B) Weekly
  3. C) Rarely

4. What’s the main reason you go to the salon?

  1. A) To get my ends trimmed
  2. B) Occasionally for a blow out
  3. C) To refresh my hair color

Tally up your answers and find out the a haircare routine fit for your lifestyle!


Calling all type A’s! If you answered most of these questions with “A”, then the chances are that you live a vibrant, fast-paced lifestyle and are very in-tune with your overall health and wellness. Being constantly on the go, your hair may suffer from style wear and tear, however.

The best hair products for type A lifestyles are moisturizing cleansers like the Redken Curvaceous Low Foam Moisturizing Cleanser. With frequent visits to the gym and constant environmental changes, your hair is exposed to various climates which can wreak havoc on your hair. Adding moisturizing products into your hair routine will keep your hair healthy and strong.


Majority B’s? If so, you likely live a very routine-based lifestyle — which is awesome because it means that you’re always on top of scheduling your regular hair appointments! However, if you answered most of the questions with “B” you may typically prefer to stick to what you know when it comes to hair care products and styling. Consider working the Redken All Soft product line into your hair routine — you will be able to achieve healthy looking hair while also sticking to a consistent line of products.   


Last but not least, our C’s! Typically those who answered these questions with mostly “C’s” are not only easy-going, but they are also not afraid to explore and try out new hairstyles and products. This is fantastic, as you always know how to keep things fresh and fun! When it comes to changing hairstyles frequently, however, it is essential to keep up hair health by using a strengthening product line. Redken’s Extreme Hair Strengthening Haircare line will allow for experimenting with various colors and styles while also keeping your hair healthy.  


For more insight on the best hair routines for your specific hair type, feel free to book a consultation with one of the professionals here at Summit Salon Academy in Gainesville! We’re here to help! (352) 331-2424