One of the things we love the most about working at Summit Salon is that it gives us an excuse to keep up with all the hottest trends in hair, nail and makeup. After all, we have to be up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest looks so we can perform them for our amazing clients, right?

We’re particularly in love with what’s going on for summer 2017 when it comes to nail polish, nail sculpting and nail design right now, so check out this list of our favorite current nail trends, then come see us at Summit to try out your favorite!

  • Cuticle Glitter!
    We’ve seen hundreds of sparkly nail looks over the years (yawn), but this new take actually has us excited about glitter again! The trick is to paint nails in a subtle, neutral tone, then line only the inside cuticle with a thin, yet dark, shade of glitter polish. The result is simple and sophisticated, but still lets you enjoy a bit of summer sparkle.
  • Asymmetrical French Manis!
    This look works by utilizing a traditional white (or soft pink) color palette, but changes it up by applying the nail color on a asymetrical byline across the nail, rather than simply following the tip of the nail line, as with a standard French Manicure. It’s an edgy take on a classic look, and it’s all the rage this summer!
  • All the Pinks!
    Shades of Millennial Pink have been hot in fashion and accessories since spring, and now they’re majorly ramping up in the world of nail color. If your nails look pretty in pink, and you enjoy a soft, feminine look for the summertime, then this is a perfect fit for you! Take a look at some amazing color shade options on this helpful list from InStyle, then come in for a relaxing mani/pedi at Summit Salon and we’ll apply your favorite shade.
  • Bold Outlines!
    We love this one because it’s great new way to make nails pop using multiple shades without the look coming off heavy or overdone. Simply paint your nails a solid color, allow them to dry, then follow the cuticle line with a bold, complementary shade to complete this look.
  • Abstract Art!
    Chunky, bold, abstract graphics are trending in the world of nail art this summer. We recommend using a combination dark and light shades to make the graphics really stand out. Navy and silver, ruby and gold, or classic black and white are all great options to pull off this dramatic nail trend.

Inspired to try a new nail look now? That’s why we’re here! Make an appointment ahead of time, or just walk right on in, and we’ll be happy to pamper you with a mani/pedi, then give you an exciting summertime nail look that you’ll love. Call today to let us know you’re coming! (352) 331-2424