The hot summer months can pose real challenges for even the most savvy makeup aficionados. Nothing spoils a picnic or a day by the beach like the oily, gummy feeling of your makeup melting right off your face! Luckily, the makeup experts at Summit Salon Academy have dealt with this problem countless times and have mastered the art of maintaining a fresh face and a flawless look, even on the hottest days of summer.

Ways to prevent the dreaded summer “makeup melt”!

  • Use a cube! Applying makeup to hot skin with wide-open pores is a major no-no! Warm skin causes the ingredients in makeup to absorb quickly into your face, causing an unpolished appearance and breakouts. Our favorite way to combat this is to apply an ice cube to the face for a few seconds before applying makeup. This will close up the pores and ensure that makeup sits properly on top of the skin.
  • Pass on the powder. This one might seem counterintuitive, but attempting to eliminate sweat and shine with powder actually causes a cakey, chalky appearance that only further emphasizes facial lines and wrinkles. We suggest using blotting papers as an alternative to powder on hot days to absorb light sweat and oil without smudging your makeup.
  • Use a primer. Designed specifically to help makeup stay fresh on your face, primers are a total no-brainer when it comes to battling the summer sun. The key to proper primer application is to put it on prior to foundation, but after moisturizer. Be sure your moisturizer includes SPF protection and that all the products you put on your face are oil-free.
  • Lighten up on foundation. Using thick, full coverage foundation is a poor choice for the summer. Heavy foundations will melt and drip off the skin on hot days. Instead, swap out full-coverage foundations for lighter products that are oil-free and won’t cake or slide off your skin if you get a little sweaty.
  • Get resistant! Utilizing water resistant mascara and liquid eyeliners are a must to avoid smearing caused by summer sweat. Find favorite waterproof brands and remember not to apply them too heavily so they’ll be less likely to smudge or run off.
  • Stay hydrated. Your mascara should resist water, but your body definitely should not! Keeping your body hydrated is the best way to stay cool from the inside out and keep your skin from getting too sweaty. Always carry a water bottle and drink liberally throughout the day.

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