The beauty community has grown rapidly over the past few years, with such tremendous growth comes the expansion of career opportunities. People tend to mistake cosmetology as just cutting and styling hair. Although, life as a cosmetologist can range from skin, hair, or nail care, and is all about creating an inclusive experience with your customers and helping them look their best. If you are someone who strives to become a cosmetologist and aren’t quite sure where to start, we have created a list of benefits that come with becoming a cosmetologist and how to start!


Room For Advancement

Working in the beauty industry has its perks, but a major advantage is the room for growth. This is because cosmetology is less about the title you have and more about your skill set. As you advance in your niche your work will begin to speak for itself. From there you will not only unintentionally progress as a stylist but you will also begin to increase your clientele. Some people worry about how long it will take to learn the many services offered in cosmetology, although at Summit Salon our students are exposed to an array of techniques that help them become fully equipped for the world of cosmetology.  


Schedule Flexibility

Do you aspire to work in a career field with flexible hours? As an independent cosmetologist or working in a privately owned salon, you have the ability to book appointments based on times that work best for you and your clients.


Diversity In Work

Here at Summit Salon, we serve a variety of customers with different skin, nail, and hair care needs. As a cosmetologist, you are able to broaden your skills based on the diversity of clients that you style. Diversity in services also allows for you to increase your clientele and line of work.



For some people coming to the salon is a weekly routine. With the amount of clients you can potentially serve opens up the opportunity for you to meet a gamut of people within your community. Chances are your work will speak for itself, but creating meaningful relationships with your clients can increase your customer loyalty and increase your chances of being referred to new clients.

Are you ready to start your journey in becoming a cosmetologist? If so, every month Summit Salon has open enrollment for full-time and part-time students. Visit our enrollment page or call us today at 352-331-2424 for more information on how to enroll today!