Years ago solid nail colors were a staple, but in recent years festive nail designs have grown in popularity. And there may be times during the week were you may have a nail emergency, but not much time to make it to Summit Salon for a manicure. But there is no need to worry, we have given you a checklist of life-saving nail hacks that are essential for an at home manicure.


Easy Clean-Up

Painting your nails with your least dominant hand comes mess. For an easy cleanup, apply a small layer of petroleum jelly on your skin around your nail bed. This acts as a barrier that avoids nail polish from drying on your skin.


Long Lasting and Vibrant Polish

Chipped nail polish can be a pain. To prevent your polish from chipping, use two layers of base coat. First paint the top half of your nail with a clear base coat, then follow up with a full layer. If you own polish that is not quite opaque, try using white polish as a base coat. This allows for the true color to pop and limits the number of coats you have to apply.


Easy Nail Art

If painting your nails seem like a daunting task then chances are you will not try experimenting with designs. But we have a few hacks that will get you salon looking designs in minutes. For an effortless polka dot design use an object with a pointed tip such as a toothpick or q-tip, dip it into your color of choice and begin to lightly dot your nail bed. If you’re looking for a sleek french tip, place a 1-2 inch piece of tape on the tip of your nail. Press down lightly on the tape to ensure that polish does not seep through, and begin painting the tip of your nail with your desired color.  And lastly, for an ombre effect layer a coat of your polish of choice. Then follow up with paint the top half of your nail with a glitter polish, to give the ombre illusion.


Do you wish to have a new nail look, but not quite inspired to do it yourself? Feel free to visit or make an appointment at Summit Salon for your next manicure. We are here to meet all your beauty needs!