Is it time for a brand new look? That’s exactly what we’re here for! Spring is in full swing and the new hot trends for hair color are making themselves seen all over the runways. The salon professionals at Summit have been kept busy checking out the latest looks and helping our clients achieve just the color and style combination they are looking for this spring. Here’s a few of our favorite hot color trends for hair that are taking the stage right now.

  • Rose Gold Undertones — This look has been highly requested this season at Summit, and we definitely approve! When done right, the look displays a specific color of blonde that replaces the standard ‘white hues’ with hints of metallic flecks which cause the hair to hit the sunlight in a unique, eye-catching way.
  • Subtly Overgrown Roots — A far cry from last year’s trend of growing out roots in sharp contrast to the color job, this new look takes on a more understated approach. Long, flowing hairstyles with overgrown roots that fade softly are totally in this season.
  • A Different Shade of Gray — Sure, going gray has been in for awhile now, but this new spring color trend is replacing the one-note, all over gray look (that makes some people think of their grandma) with a fresh new take. Bobs and other short styles featuring gradient hues fading from black to gray are all the rage for spring of 2017.
  • Going “Bronde” — Many people are choosing to join in this season’s trend of dying hair an appealing shade that’s the perfect combination of brown and blonde. This look is warm and provides subtle highlights that literally look good on everyone!
  • Fiery Red — Always a popular choice during warmer months, this season’s prefered shades of red are bright, sultry and shimmery with bright orange undertones, perfect for ushering in the summer.

No matter what color you’re looking to go with this season, the color specialists at Summit Salon can make it happen! Not quite sure what shade you want? No problem! Make an appointment for a consultation (or just walk on in!) and we’ll be here to help answer all your hair color questions and guide you towards the perfect spring look!