In less than a year, you can graduate from Summit Salon Academy and pursue the career of your dreams! Not sure yet what path is right for you following cosmetology school? The good news is that there are plenty of cosmetology careers available to conquer after beauty school. Here’s a list from the team at Summit of some great ideas for working as a licensed cosmetologist. Check it out – one of these career choices might be just the one for you!


Likely the first career option that comes to mind when someone thinks about life following cosmetology school, aspiring hair stylists will learn everything they need to know during their time at Summit Salon Academy. And it’s a great path to pursue in 2017! According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the market for hair stylists is projected to increase by 10% from 2017-2018, which is higher than the average for occupations in the U.S. This means the future will look bright when you’re finished with school.


Makeup artistry is a perfect job option for creative types who want to work in a wide variety of settings with all kinds of people. They spend time on film and theater sets for photo shoots, beautify brides on their big day, and work at TV studios. As a makeup artist, you’ll need know all about skin care, color theory, proper application and sanitation, facial shapes, and more!


Are you both a perfectionist and a people-person? If so, you may want to consider a career as a manicurist after cosmetology school. Among the fastest-growing specialties in the field of cosmetology, a manicurist is a licensed nail technician who performs a plethora of client services, including cleaning and trimming, manicures, pedicures, polishing and nail art, acrylics, gels, cuticle care and wax dips, among others.


If you’re interested in pursuing the field of cosmetology, but would like to specialize specifically in skin care, then an esthetician career is the perfect path for you! Once you’ve received your license, you can land a job at a salon or spa making guests feel pampered and relaxed by providing facials, pore cleansing and exfoliation treatments, body wraps, aromatherapy, and spa or waxing treatments. Professionals estheticians beautify skin through a variety of services, including pore cleansing, facials, micro-needling and expert skin care regimens.


Hair colorists are salon professionals who specialize specifically in color. Coloring can be tricky and takes real expertise; trained hair colorists understand how to select and apply just the right colors and treatments for each particular client based on a guest’s preferences and their facial shape, skin tone and hair type.


Once you’ve completed your professional cosmetology training, you may be moved to share your knowledge and expertise with others. If so, and if you adore discussing the latest hair and makeup products, you should consider a career as a beauty advisor. In this cosmetology career, you’ll help guests in a retail setting find the perfect products. You’ll need to factor in a lot of guest details before making recommendations. It’s a great career for cosmetologists who love meeting new people every day.


If you’re ready to take the first step toward your new career by starting your beauty education, you’re in luck! Summit Salon Academy has new full-time cosmetology courses beginning this summer, in June, July and August. Find out more about course dates, class topics, and the application process today!