707, 2017

Hints from the Pros for Fighting Summertime Frizz

Summertime is great for sun-kissed skin, road trips and lounging by the pool — but it’s also really good at turning your hair into a big bundle of frizz! Humidity can make hair tough to

2906, 2017

Career Path Ideas for After Cosmetology School

In less than a year, you can graduate from Summit Salon Academy and pursue the career of your dreams! Not sure yet what path is right for you following cosmetology school? The good news is

1206, 2017

Top Tips for Sweat-Proof Makeup

The hot summer months can pose real challenges for even the most savvy makeup aficionados. Nothing spoils a picnic or a day by the beach like the oily, gummy feeling of your makeup melting right

2205, 2017

Hottest Spring 2017 Hair Color Trends

Is it time for a brand new look? That’s exactly what we’re here for! Spring is in full swing and the new hot trends for hair color are making themselves seen all over the

1105, 2017

Tips for Growing Stronger, Healthier Nails…in 30 Days or Less!

If you’re sick of struggling to try and grow out weak, brittle nails, you’re not alone! Everyday at Summit Salon, our nail specialists are consulted by women seeking out effective advice for how they

2504, 2017

“Should I Get a Perm?” Tips from the Team at Summit Salon

“Is a perm a good fit for my hair?” This is probably among the questions we most often receive from clients at Summit Salon Academy. And the real answer is…IT DEPENDS! That’s right, as frustrating

1104, 2017

8 Skin & Makeup Tips for the Spring Season

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s officially time to swap out your darker makeup hues for brighter, subtler shades, ditch heavy creams and lotions out for lighter moisturizers, and begin hydrating more

2003, 2017

The Latest Beauty Trends for Spring 2017

Fresh makeup looks, new hairstyle trends and gorgeous, warm weather all come together to place the spring season high up on the list of our favorite parts of the year at Summit Salon

1003, 2017

What Causes Dry Hair (And How To Fix It!)

Nobody enjoys the look or feel of dry, broken or brittle hair, but most of us will have to do battle with it from time to time. Dryness is very commonly caused by

2702, 2017

Why Become a Professional Hair Stylist?

Are you a student about to graduate who is considering possible next steps? Or are you currently working in a field that you find uninspiring or less than lucrative? If so, why not consider pursuing

2302, 2017

The Best Makeup Choices for Your Eye Color

At Summit Salon Academy, we have an obsession with eye makeup! This is because nothing makes a faster, more dramatic impact on your appearance than properly applied makeup. We especially love utilizing the color wheel

2501, 2017

Ready to Jumpstart Your New Career? Enroll at Summit Salon Academy Today!

Do you love working with hair, nails and/or makeup? Are you looking to launch a brand new career in 2017? If you’re a creative, ambitious individual looking to advance your talents and start a new

1301, 2017

5 Beauty Resolutions to Keep in the New Year

Happy New Year from Summit Salon Academy Gainesville! We are here with some of our favorite beauty resolutions to help make 2017 your most gorgeous year yet. Follow these simple rules all year long and

2212, 2016

Absolutely, Positively Must-Have Redken Hair Products

At Summit Salon Academy, we are proud to partner with Redken 5th Avenue NYC for both the technical training of our students, as well as for every product we use on clients and sell in-store.

1212, 2016

Of Course I Woke Up Like This! (6 Steps to the Perfect Natural Look)

As much fun as it is to go “all-out glam” with your makeup application, there are some days that simply call for a less done-up look. The natural look is perfect for relaxing with friends

1811, 2016

Get Gorgeous Hair – in a Hurry!

We all know how it goes on certain mornings… those days that just aren’t meant for hours of “fabulous” hairstyling. Those mornings where washing, blow drying, flat ironing and styling simply aren’t going to happen.

911, 2016

Washing Your Makeup Brushes: How (and WHY) to Do It Right

It’s time to ask yourself an honest question (don’t worry, we won’t tell!) about how often you clean your face, eye shadow and lipstick brushes. If your answer is “this week,” then good for you!

2710, 2016

Beauty Superfoods: Foods to Eat for Healthier Hair, Skin and Nails

We all know the saying “you are what you eat”, but did you know that it’s also true for your hair, skin and nails? That’s right, it’s a proven fact that a poor diet can

1910, 2016

5 Beauty Tips to Save You Precious Minutes in the Morning

Rushed, busy mornings? Face it, we all have them. But, don’t worry, your look doesn’t have to suffer just because you allowed yourself to hit the snooze button a few too many times. The team